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23 Jun 2012 
A trauma often refers to a serious body altering physical injury such as removal of a limb. Wether you admit or not we all suffer traumas in our lives no matter how mild it may be. The definition above holds only for physical traumas. Another form of trauma is Psychological which may or may not be accompanied by physical trauma.
A physical trauma may be causedby an explosion such as a bomb blast,piercing impact of a sharp object on the skin,or in most cases by impact of a blunt force on the body like in case of a fallor being hit by a vehicle.

a physical trauma is accompanied by
physical pain
death in some cases.

Due to my experience,i would define a trauma generally as a calamity,catastrophe or misfortune that befall a person,the intensity of which may vary from acute or severe to mild depending on the victim 's tolerance or perseverance level. However, the degree of suffering and time taken by the victim to recover from such experience is what matters most.

I can recall clearly how much hardship i was undergoing in college that semester as i have introduced to you earlier and how i had 3 days left to prepare for a test on a course which i had been perfoming minimally in its previous tests. By now you should have known that even before the impending trauma i was emotionally exhausted.

Individual differences such as personalities experience age gender are factors determining the impacta trauma has on you. I had no past experience in the situation as day by day,night by night, my problems were compounding,no matter how much i tried to relax.
Of couse i was sort of undergoing psychological trauma. There were so many expectations,troubles and fears which i had to face. and with all these i 'll be having a test in three days.

The straw that broke the camel back came one night in the hostel just less than a day from the test,a test i was determine to excel in. At a point, i had to jump out of the first floor of the 3 floors hostel building, from a height 2m, injuring waist badly and nearly fracturing my waist as i crashed onto the ground. All these happening after i had awoken suddenly from a deep sleep by cries of 'fire!,fire!!run!!!' by my hostelmates. The force or impact of my body on the ground was so blunt and brute,that it rendered me dumb and immobile for seconds.

Words aren't sufficient to describe my pain. It took nearly 3 weeks that lasted like eternity for me to recover, and that was just for the physical trauma. Not only did i have to endure such extruciating pain for weeks but i had to bear misery,sadness in loneliness as the days slowly drifted away. Even though i managed to write the test in a poor body and mind state,i failed woefully once again. Till now,i still feel pain in my right leg and the unfaded memories of the whole accident continue linger in my heart occasionally filling me with sadness,remorsefulness and regret.
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22 Jun 2012 

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18 Jun 2012 
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